Studio update and album release party!

Hello ladies, germs, and countrymen!

We had another big day in the studio this past weekend and golly gee are these songs coming together! They’re sounding like…real songs! We added piano and upright bass, which already transforms the sound, and next we’re adding violin and horns! And…did someone say…tap dancing? Whaaaat? We’ll see!

I’m hoping that with the somewhat-manageable amount of work we have left, this album can get finished before July. So hold on to your hats for a July release date!! I can’t wait for everyone to hear these songs.

For a full play-by-play of last week’s studio visit (plus a sneak peak of an old jazz song that’ll be on the album) check out the latest update on my Kickstarter page!

Gordon and I played a gig at Rockwood Music Hall on May 31st and it was a lot of fun! A bunch of friends (and a few fans!) pulled through, and we enjoyed the cozy intimate atmosphere of Stage 3. We want to go back and see the Bumper Jacksons perform there soon, since they are a recent inspiration of mine.

And some NEWS on our album release party!! We will be playing at Caffe Vivaldi Saturday July 30th from 7pm to 9pm and we will be selling CDs, giving away fun stuff, and partying it up after all the hard work. There’s no cover to get in, so swing by! We may even have some guest musicians so the live performances will sound like the recordings. Woo!

RSVP to the facebook event here!

We’ve got more work to do in the studio and a gig this weekend for a private party, which will be fun! June is definitely going to be busy (and July…and August…) but the good kind of busy!

New shirts:

Our fabulous model, Gordon.

Our fabulous model, Gordon.

Shirts, CDs, and other merch/ prizes will be available at the release party on July 30th!

Thanks again for all your love and support! See you at Caffe Vivaldi (if not sooner)!!


Rockwood music hall, May 31st!

Rockwood Music Hall, May 31st!

6:30pm, music starts at 7!

Also, hi.

If you want to hear some sweet jams and forget all your troubles, get that ticket here:

Gordon and I will be playing my original songs in anticipation of the album coming out soon!! I hear this is a really cool space and we can all get very moody and 90s together (or whatever decade you like to get). I know it's on a Tuesday, but you know what they say: when opportunity knocks, you listen! And an opportunity to have fun and hear some great music is knocking on a Tuesday! So ya better listen! 

It'll be cool.

Facebook event here:

Also, if you missed my show at Silvana, you can watch the video of it here:

Album stuff is going well, I'm hoping we can get everything done by June, but it may be ready early July. It's starting to sound really good! Of course I'll keep giving updates as they come!

Yeah music!

Studio Day 2!

Hey friends!

A few days ago, we had our second day in the studio! I did some vocals for about 4 songs and had a few pals come into the studio to lend their glorious voices/ laughter/ general party sounds to one of my songs. It was a lot of fun and I'm REALLY happy with the result! We listened back to the rough mix, and without any mixing or fine-tuning yet, the song melted my heart!

And I'm super self-critical, so I'd say that's a great sign!

My lovely happy friends in Bunker Studios

My lovely happy friends in Bunker Studios

So even though I didn't record all the vocals I needed to, we still made progress. And I'm getting more excited about the album the more we add to each song!

Gordon and I will probably have another day in the studio in May to record anything we missed, and we've got a date picked in early June for all the session musicians and filming for a music video (!!). So there's still lots of work to do, but even these baby steps are getting me pumped for the finished product! I can't wait to share these songs with everyone. 

This month I'll be rehearsing to sing at a wedding! I've got 4 hours of rep to plan out and perfect, but it's all fun work! Another shout out to GigSalad for helping me keep those gigs comin' in.

I've also got a show May 31st at Rockwood Music Hall at 7pm!! On Stage 3. Come hear sneak peeks of the album!

I think that's just about it, music-wise. Gordon and I are going to play some farmers markets and busk in central park soon, so follow my facebook or twitter or insta to get updates about our lil pop-up shows! 

Keep it real, kiddos! Go dance in the spring flowers and enjoy your week!!



Good News All Around

Howdy Partners!

It's definitely been an exciting month! If you haven't already heard, we made the Kickstarter goal!! It was a close call, but thanks to my wonderful amazing beautiful friends and family pulling through on the last day, we got there!! This means I'll be able to afford musicians and studio time and printing costs for the album! In addition to lots of other important stuff!

Thank you everyone! I'm so lucky to have such a supportive network :)

Second round of good news: We had our FIRST day in the studio this past Saturday!

Gordon and I packed up all our instruments, all our snacks, and anything we might possibly need (besides an extra sweater. I gotta bring 3 sweaters next time) for 10 hours in the studio. I had no idea what to expect on this first day, so I did all my homework and hoped for the best!

Third round of good news: It went really well!!

We recorded some basic tracking for about 8 songs (out of 11) and we have two finished songs! My voice wasn't totally on its game this weekend because of a cold, so I have to re-do some vocals, but it really doesn't take as long as I thought it would. I am pretty amazed at how much we got done in 10 hours and I'm super proud of Gordon and myself for not cracking under the pressure! The Bunker Studio, where we recorded, made us feel very relaxed and on schedule, and I completely trusted our sound engineer Nolan. That helped with our productivity a lot!

Some pics from the studio:

Woo! I'm super excited to share this music with you all. A professional studio really does these songs justice! Gordon won't stop playing our rough mixes in the car/ apartment...haha. So I'd say that's a good sign. I'm relieved that our session went so well, and I'm feeling like it might take less time than I thought to record all the songs! 

I also added a "Pre-order" tab to the website, so if you missed your chance to pre-order the album via Kickstarter, you can still get it this way. As of right now, it's only for the physical album, still figuring out the digital album, but hopefully that'll be possible soon.

The album is on sale this week! It'll go back up to $20 soon, so take advantage of the sale!

I'm thinking this puppy will definitely be ready by June.

Yeay! Good news all around! Yeay!

PS: I found this picture of future you listening to the album...

Peace out,



I'm On a Podcast! And some Kickstarter Updates.

Hello pals,

I'm on a podcast! I virtually sat down with podcaster Jim Boy Star and talked about my Kickstarter, finding a studio, and sweet, sweet revenge.

Here is the interview! Give it a listen!

In other news, my Kickstarter is more than halfway through and I am ALMOST at that glorious halfway point. As I post this, I need about 30 dollars. Anyone? ...Bueller? 

Fingers crossed we hit that goal by Easter (when the campaign ends)!

I've had some exciting gigs lately. Some kids parties, and I played at Pianos, Caffe Vivaldi, and Lovecraft. Cool stuff! My friends get all the bonus points for coming out and supporting me throughout gig-madness these past few months. I won't have another show until May probably, so I can really buckle down and focus on all the work for the album.

Here is my latest video...I'm talking!

Wild, right?

I'm a fan of this one too:

That's all for now, folks! Please please please check out that Kickstarter! Every dollar will make the music *that* much more beautiful! And tell your friends! Be annoying! It works for me! Just kidding, sort of?

Love ya, miss ya, see ya soon.

xoxo Jill

And we are LIVE!!


I launched my KickStarter today!! This project is to raise funds for professionally recording my first album! I'm so incredibly excited about it! Please take a look, and consider donating if you can! And think of it less as "donating" and more as "pre-ordering the album"! Tons of cool rewards for pledging!

This project means a lot to me, and it's been a long time coming, so I can't even express how excited I am that I can share it with everyone and involve my network in the whole process! I am looking at studios in Brooklyn tomorrow, and I think by this weekend, I'll have my studio picked out! That's insane!

So join the fun and follow the whole process from start to finish. I'll be sending lots of updates as they come, and sharing behind-the-scenes fun stuff for VIPs!!

More news soon!

Gig Dates and New Vids!

Woah! Hey there! Before we get started, I gotta say: I have a GIG tonight!

I'll be playing for an hour in the upstairs lounge of Pianos! The show is FREE! Hopefully I will see you there, my buttercups. 

What else has happened lately? I've been keeping super busy with gigs and babysitting and planning my album. The Kickstarter to fund it will be ready VERY soon! I played a marvelous, cozy set at Caffe Vivaldi recently, and I think it's been my favorite spot to perform at in this whole big city! i'll be there again on March 5!

To keep updated on gig dates (and album news) make sure to like my Facebook page and follow me on Instagram!! It is very appreciated!

I also played at the Horticultural Society of New York's event "The Green Bean Bash"! Gordon joined me on this gig and we played tons of fun folk songs and kiddo songs!

Look at those happy kiddos in pink dresses. And Mr. Green Bean himself! In the flesh! I love that guy. It was a ton of fun and I'm glad to have played two events for the hort!

I mentioned my gig at Caffe Vivaldi on March 5 and I'm playing at Lovecraft in the city on March 12. Tickets are $5 in advance so snag those right here.

And new videos up on YouTube! Check 'em out! This song is currently one of my favorites. Gordon busted out his new banjo for this cover of an old tune. Enjoy!!

That's about all I can think of for now!

If you'd like to book me for a party, wedding, or other event, check me out on GigSalad!

Toodles, my pals, and as always, I'll leave you with a photo that makes no sense whatsoever.

I believe it is a raccoon, kangaroo, and some sort of beaked animal combined.

See ya soon!

Viva Vacation


As I sit in the Las Vegas airport, ready to fly back to New York, I realize that my insanely long vacation is coming to an end. I was in California for two weeks, Vegas for one week, and I'm pretty pooped from too much fun. It wasn't all fun and games though! was, but I did have a gig!

I sang at a private Christmas party in Riverside, and I had Richard Simon on upright bass! If you look into his experience, you'll find he's quite the pro and has played with all the greats. That was clear when we met up before the party (for the first time ever) and he played through a few of my song choices like a CHAMP, backing me up beautifully and not missing a beat. Even though we didn't have much rehearsal time, due to me not living in California, the party went really well! The backyard was a little chilly, but beautiful, and the guests seemed to really enjoy the holiday tunes while they mingled. Here is "Blue Christmas" with a bass solo in the middle!

Shout out to Gordon for hanging out through the gig and filming a few songs!

Singing and playing with an upright bass was really new but incredibly fun. I felt like a true jazz singer. Another successful gig thanks to GigSalad

Then I got to take a break and enjoy Christmas with my darling family. Gordon and I performed a BUNCH for them (thank you, Bruce, for endlessly suggesting that we sing at every dinner) but it was fun!! My dad joined in on a few songs with his banjo! I'll acquire a video and post that soon. He barely ever performs for people but he's awesome on banjo, so that was great!

Gordon and I also busked at the Orange Circle on Christmas Eve, which was exciting, but it was the most deserted I've ever seen the Circle! We still did pretty well. And of course, a few Sargeants dropped by to listen ;)

Otherwise, we did a lot of eating (Del Taco, I worship you) and had a lot of family time! Perfect.

This week, we traveled to Vegas (Vegas babyyyyy, woooo) (just kidding) (mostly) because Gordon had some very important business at CES and I came along for the ride! He found products to test while I tested the hotel jacuzzi. It works. 

Vegas is cool if you're rich or you love being day drunk, but for the rest of us, it's just "eh."

I'm glad to be going back to New York! Pretty sure I stuck out like a sore thumb in Vegas. Nonetheless, I had to record this song from the hotel room:

Two Elvis songs in one post! Look at me go!

Not much else to report at the moment, since I've been chilling' like a villain and Jillin' like a villain as well!! But there will be an important announcement soon regarding my ALBUM that is soon-to-be recorded!! Very exciting stuff.

Peace out, kids!

Recent Gigs!

My stunning beams of light and joy: first things first, new video:

So cute, right?!?

Alright, shows! I played two shows on December 5th!

First I did the Green Bean Holiday Bash, which was VERY cute and fun. A cool event where kids can get glitter tattoos, animal stickers, make their own pickles, make tea bags, and get a photo with the famous "Mr. Green Bean."

You better believe Gordon and I got multiple pictures with that bean of a man! I played some kid's songs, some holiday songs, and my usual family-friendly set of oldies and recognizable tunes. I wore my veggie vest, banana earrings, and candy cane necklace.

The avocado uke made an appearance.

The kiddos didn't seem to care too much that someone was singing near them (some were full-on screaming while they played) but there was a lot of stimulation, lots of fun things to do! So who can blame them. I was just kind of the background music <3

Overall I had a great time, got some cool goodies, and everyone at the event was super nice and only had wonderful things to say afterwards! Gordon was my hero, carrying the equipment and setting everything up, taking 1/8th as long as it would have taken me. He even joined me for a set! So I am very grateful to have him, he helps me SO much without ever complaining. Such a fricken trooper. Here are the famous photos:

My chins are IN the building!

Then we drove right up from Tribeca to Tarrytown (making a pit stop to pick up #1 fan, Shannon) for the next gig. We had a nice dinner with Gordon's parents beforehand and honestly, I was KIND of nervous before this show. I usually don't get too nervous, but it was a good turnout, and it's always a little intimidating to be sharing songs I wrote. These people who knew nothing about me were about to know A LOT about me, very soon. I was also very cold, which makes me trembly and nervous on its own.

I performed with two other songwriters, Jim Keyes and Miyuki Furtado. They are seasoned pros who have been doing this for a while, so I was definitely the new kid. I held my own though. I started strong with "California" and eased into the super personal stuff. I got slightly less nervous as the night went on, but since we took turns doing a song each, I couldn't help getting butterflies every time I knew I was next. Like when you have to read out loud in class and you know your turn is coming and you just forget what words sound like and psych yourself out.

Like that.

The difference between this show at W@tercooler and the Green Bean gig is vast. One involved singing covers in a bright room while everyone talked and kids played and people had distractions. This was a room full of 30 or more paid audience members, sitting and giving their full attention for two hours, as I sang my own songs about heartbreak, insecurity, and homesickness. It's very vulnerable, and at times feels like some strange group therapy. Sharing your darkest, meanest, often ugliest feelings in the form of a song that you made up. Hoping they don't hate it. Hoping at least someone knows what you mean.

So yeah it's scary. But it feels great, and the applause after some of my really intense songs gave me the feeling that I'm not alone in this. That I affected this audience in some way, or they wouldn't hoot like that. That's a really cool feeling.

And the feedback I got from these strangers during the middle and end of the show was really fun and interesting to hear. I noticed most of the men who came up to talk about my music wanted to make it clear that I wrote mean songs about boys, and that if they were the ones dating me, they'd constantly be scared that a mean song was coming.

But here's the thing, if you treat someone nicely, they don't write mean songs about you.

And would they have said this to a man?

But I get it, it's a joke, Taylor Swift complex, who's she gonna write about next? blah blah blah. These guys were coming from a well-meaning place. They may just be used to hearing ladies sing exclusively about nice, pleasant things.

The women, on the other hand, had a totally different reaction! Not one of them said my songs or words were "mean" but instead they just REALLY related to them, and had clearly experienced these feelings of hostility or flat-out indifference toward dudes in their life. They said my songs were "so real" and that "the first one is totally what I'm going through right now" and "that other thing happens all the time!"

I thought that was very intriguing. But in general, everyone I spoke to said I had a great voice and some really meaningful songs. Two young women at the end of the night wanted to buy my CD and unfortunately I had to tell them it's still in the works.

I mean, I could sell my little demos that I've been giving out, but I really want the quality to be top-notch if people are paying for them! That was cool though. That they wanted my CD.

I had two MORE gigs in the last week as well! I'm on a roll this month. I played at CityView Racquet Club Lounge for the second time. I did some Christmas tunes and some songs with Gordon. And then we got to hang out, enjoy the views of Manhattan, and deeply appreciate the buffet and open bar. Not a bad life.

Rockin' my new shoes at CityView

Rockin' my new shoes at CityView

This past Friday was one of my toughest and most interesting gigs yet! I took a train to Greenwich Connecticut to play during lunch at an elementary school. I guess they call it "cultural cafe" and the idea is to introduce them to new instruments and new types of music. So for three hours (That's right. Three. Hours.) I gave some history on the ukulele and sang kid's songs and holiday songs. The kids ate in 30 minute blocks and rotated through.

Three hours is a very long time. Have you every played an instrument for three hours straight? Or sang for three hours straight? I hadn't until Friday. I wasn't sure if I could handle it, but guess what: I can handle it!! My muscles were tense and my fingers were calloused and sore, but I did it! Most of the kids in most of the grades enjoyed the music! There were a lot of requests, and a lot of hand raising to tell me stories about how one time they made a snowman.

It was definitely exciting and those kids really kept me on my feet. Pretty much every gig I've done has thrown me curveballs and turned out different than I'd anticipated. But the chaos is kind of fun, and I can just improv my way through!

Taken after Friday's 3 hour concert.

Taken after Friday's 3 hour concert.

Alright, is that everything?

I have a jazz singer gig at a home in California on December 21st. I think it'll be fun! My bass player played for Rosemary Clooney! And some other legends! I'll post pics after that one.

In non-gig news, I'm going HOME this Saturday! I get to go to California again! For the first time in almost 6 months! Oh how I miss it. I'm going to finally meet my adorable-beyond-words niece, Juliette, and see the rest of my giant family and.....beach. I will go to the beach. I'm very excited. 

Stay tuned for updates on the album, and as always...

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And stay cool, you little cucumbers.

Top secret info

My beautiful frogs,

I am playing TWO shows this Saturday Dec 5th! The first show is the "Green Bean Holiday Bash" and YEAH it's gonna be as awesome as it sounds! I'm also singing my originals at W@tercooler Hub in Tarrytown later that night. Info and tickets for both events and in the post right below!

As far as I know, the show at the high school cafeteria (no autographs, please) is still a go, and I think I have a gig back HOME in California on Dec 21st! A jazzy holiday gig in a private home. Baby is feeling good. Note to self: start practicing Christmas/ holiday songs in October. Because that is what the people want to HEAR!

Top secret info: I am planning on professionally recording an album in the coming months. I really hope to have it done by March or April, but we will see how long the whole process pans out. A kickstarter may surface soon, because baby needs some more funds to get this done! But it's really exciting to plan it all and to think that this is actually HAPPENING. That I will have legitimate recordings of songs I wrote, and someday soon I can hold my album in my hands! So cool!!!

This is my latest vid:

Stay tuned for more updates, and I have some POP songs and holiday songs coming atcha!!

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Love me.

As always, catch ya later....


J.T. has never looked better

Hey kids!

Gordon and I played at the Tarrytown farmers market a couple weeks ago and even though it was FREEZING and windy, it was also a lot of fun! He played his pretty blue mandolin and sang bluegrass songs with me. Gordon's parents (who are wedding photographers/ videographers) came and filmed a few songs we did. Here's two songs from the show, combined with shots of me and Gordon being pretty cute in the leaves.

So fun! Big shout out to TASH for having us!

We busked in Central Park the next day, since it was warmer and we were on a roll! It was a good time. But for some reason, people in Central Park always seem so CONFUSED by buskers and street music. Way more confused than the crowds in the rest of the parks. I wonder what that's all about. Well, here's a pic of our feet and Gordon's open mandolin case:

Also, I am playing my original songs and sharing all my secrets at W@tercooler in Tarrytown on December 5! It will be a really awesome event, and has limited seating, so get those tickets! Come hear all my secrets!!!

I am also playing at the Horticultural Society of New York's Green Bean Bash! YEAH it's as cool as it sounds! Veggie love galore!! During the day on December 5, I'll be doing a nice little mix of kid's songs, oldies, and holiday tunes. You need tickets for this as well, but you get to make veggie crafts and get your picture with Mr Green Bean! What more could you want?!?!?

Green Bean Bash info!

I wrote a new song! It still needs some work, but here's my first draft:

Chickity-check out my Soundcloud, more songs up there soon:

What else? Thanksgiving is coming up. Thanksgiving is just an ok holiday, but it's cool to be grateful. CHRISTMAS is what I'm talking about. Gimme those twinkly lights and sweet classic songs. It is very likely that I will upload my Thanksgiving/ Gratitude song today (that I'm still writing) so keep an eye out. Otherwise, happy holidays you goons!

As always....



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Peace, hugs, love ya!

Autumn Happenings

Hello baby monkeys! There is a lot of fun music-magic happening! Also, it is AUTUMN, so I'm thrilled.

Upcoming stuff:

I am singing (with some cameos by Gordon) at the Tarrytown farmer's market tomorrow (Nov 13) from 10am to 11am! Get those veggies! Hear that music!

I also have a gig (also in Tarrytown) on Dec 5 where I'll be sharing backstories behind some of my original songs. It's gonna be real cozy and seating is limited, so if you're interested, get those tickets now! Info here!  

I believe I am performing at a high school 1920s speakeasy event during their lunch break next month, so that will be a good time. Will the high schoolers dress up? Should I dress up? Will they think I am a student? There's no way of knowing the answers to any of these questions. If you don't go to this high school, you probably can't go to this gig. But I figured I'd let you know about it.

I've booked some weddings! Ok, I've booked a wedding. In July. But hey, it's exciting stuff! Someone wants ME to sing on the most special day of their lives! I've got a few more love birds interested, so we will see if they pull through. 

I am going to have my originals professionally recorded. No more garage band, I'm gonna DO it! It's gonna take some dough, and hard work, but it's going to be amazingly worth it. So hopefully by....March I will have recorded my album.

Cool stuff that already happened:

I met some jazz musicians and we recorded a few songs in the hopes of getting snazzier gigs!

Here is "I'll Be Seeing You"

Check out my YouTube channel for more videos like this.

Also, Gordon and I ventured out into the woods behind his house and his super awesome dad recorded us singing a few songs!

This is "Two of Us" by The Beatles:

That was real fun. Hopefully we'll have some more videos of this quality comin' atcha soon!

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Extra stuff in case you're still reading:

Jessica came to visit last week and we had a BLAST

I'm coming home for xmas! For two weeks! And then going to VEGAS BBY!

I had a dream last night that it was my birthday and everyone left my pool party early and nobody really wanted to talk to me.

It's pretty windy today.

Alright, that's all I got.

Stay cool, baboons!

Videos and Gigs and I Have Parents

Hey friends! Long time no blog!!

Update: On October 9th I played and sang at the CityView racquet club lounge in Long Island City! I serenaded a group of ladies at happy hour after their sunset pilates class! Plus others in the lounge. It was a beautiful night filled with friends, rain, wine, and music! Who could ask for anything more? There was also ziti pizza, and Jill never says no to ziti pizza.

This past Saturday, I played for a toddler's halloween birthday party in Brooklyn. If you've never seen two tiny boys dressed up as the hulk, I highly recommend you do. It's really cute. So that gig went well! I also got a free piece of pizza out of it (sensing a theme here) so YEAY pizza!!

The birthday girl (3) loves Jack Skellington, which I think is amazing. She kept walking away during songs to "go talk to Jack" aka this cut-out. Love it.

Also: I have parents! They came all the way to the big apple from sunny California just to see me! They stayed for a few days and we really painted the town magenta. They went home yesterday and I DIDN'T CRY! YOU CRIED!!

Ok I cried. But it's ok because I will see them in December.

I have parents

My brother Brad was also in New York last week and we got dinner, beer, and doughnuts (of course) and I took him to the famous Trailer Park Lounge. Classic.


I have some new videos on YouTube. This is the newest one:

And a jazzy cover for ya...

And of course, a clip from my gig at CityView. "You are my Sunshine" (the beginning of the song is cut off, but you know how it goes)...

So there ya have it, folks. I'm sure there will be more gigs soon, and I'm actually truly about to work with some jazz musicians to form more of a band and less of a solo act. So be on the lookout for that. We also have a beautiful video coming atcha soon, and someday (sigh someday) I will have my originals semi-professionally recorded so I can sell them/ give them to you. 

Until then, subscribe to my YouTube ( and like my Facebook page ( AND follow me on Instagram, where I am possibly the most active! @jillsargeantmusic

Talk to you soon, suckers.

Harvest Moon

New Neil Young cover up on the youtube!

Gordon and I recorded this in honor of the super mega blood harvest full moon eclipse that everyone was freaking out about (and then immediately forgot about).

We had our third date on the harvest moon last year, so this song (and this moon!) is very special to us. And Gordon got a blue mandolin! It is barely in the shot, but it's a beauty.

Let me know what you think of the cover, and SUBSCRIBE <3

Gigs Gigs Gigs

Hello friends and country people!

I recently signed up for GigSalad and have been seeing amazing results! I was hesitant to upgrade my free membership to a paid membership, since I didn't know if any gigs would come of it, and all those recurring monthly payments (gym, netflix, spotify) really start to add up. But I have already booked and played two paid gigs, and I constantly have booking requests for weddings, birthday parties, etc. I highly recommend it to any artist or band interested in playing sets at parties, corporate events, restaurants, you name it.

It's definitely refreshing to be paid to share your music to appreciative ears! One man booked me to surprise his wife (and kids, and family friends) at dinner on their wedding anniversary. I magically appeared at their table in an Italian restaurant and serenaded his wife with country love songs that he requested. I also threw in a High School Musical song, for the kiddos.

And last week, I played a gig in Long Island (first time in Long Island!) at an assisted living home for seniors. I would say there were 50 or more lovely people listening, and even though I hoped they would sing along, I didn't expect so many of them to sing with me on so many of the songs! It was a really pleasant surprise! When everyone joined me on "Over the Rainbow" it was hard to keep it together.

Singing in places like that can be really emotional, but so fulfilling. All the songs I love are songs that were played on the radio when they were young! Perfect fit. I hope I play there again, because I need to ask my main man, George (the gentleman who sang along to every single song I played), to come up and duet with me!

Here's a short clip of me singing "I'll Be Seeing You" with the rest of the home!

Click me to view video!

I've got new opportunities coming my way all the time now, so I'm super pleased with GigSalad! Check out my profile here and book me for your party, wedding reception, or surprise anniversary dinner! I'm quite affordable, as far as live music goes. You won't be disappointed!

I'll leave you with my most recent video upload, a cover of "You Really Got a Hold On Me"

Catch ya later, babes and babettes!




Farmer's Market Fun!

Hello friends!

So I've been in touch with the people who run the Greenmarkets in NYC and they set me up with some gigs at the farmers markets in Queens! This past Sunday, I played at the Jackson Heights farmers market and it was SO much fun!

Farmer's markets are awesome because...

-lots of families and kids.

-people at the market are ready and willing to support local food producers, and a local artist isn't too far from that idea!

-everyone has cash.

-lots of humans, no one is in a hurry, people can mosey and watch and listen.

So I like the farmer's market. It was slightly tough competing with the noise of traffic and airplanes flying into LaGuardia nearby, combined with barking dogs and shouting children, but that's all part of the game, you know? It's fun changing up my repertoire based on the surroundings. And the people who really wanted to listen would come closer.

I did make a nice chunk of change in one hour. Probably four hours worth of work at another job. And that is awesome, I can't pretend like it's not incredibly cool to make money doing what I love. Not to mention MORE money than I make doing side jobs. But I've always thought that when someone puts a dollar into my case while I'm singing, it's more than just a dollar. It's like a little thank you note that says "Keep going! I like your music!" which means so much more than your average old dollar. And yes, a five dollar bill is a nice thing, but to see one in my case is like seeing a note that says "I think you're REALLY GREAT!!"

Just doing' my thing.

I also met a very confident young girl (I would guess 9 or 10?) named Penny, who repeatedly said to me, "You have a very beautiful voice ma'am."

Her little sister did a very cute hula dance while I sang. Penny knows a lot about artisan cheese, and was quite the little saleslady. Hey, it worked, I bought some medium-firm goat cheese!

I met a lot of awesome people and cute kids, and got to do what I love on a beautiful Sunday! I think it was the most fun I've ever had busking! So I will definitely be back at these farmer's markets, hopefully every weekend. I will broadcast it all over social media in case you live in Queens or want to come to Queens some weekend for live music and fresh veggies ;)

So many love notes!!

Alright, my babies, catch you on the flip side. Make sure to like my artist page on Facebook to stay in the loop with everything!


Migraine Remedies!

Anyone who has ever suffered a true migraine knows how terrible and debilitating it is. In the last year of my life, I started getting migraines, and they started multiplying. Besides the pain itself, it's rough to lose days (or weeks) every month, unable to get anything done. I find it incredibly frustrating to not know the cause, aka the cure for these things.

Everyone is different, and what helps me may not help you, BUT there's a chance it will! And when you're that desperate for pain relief, you're willing to try pretty much anything.

What I know about my migraines: they happen occasionally throughout the month, and get worse around my period. I'm thinking they're hormone related, and I also read that people who get bad cramps can suffer headaches and migraines at the same time, since the body sends pain signals to parts of your brain when cramps get really bad. Something like that...I'm not a doctor.

And what's more fun than suffering from terrible cramps once a month!? GETTING MIGRAINES AND CRAMPS! EVERY MONTH! LOVE IT!!

I don't really love it. So if you've noticed that you get migraines close to your period, or during other hormone spikes in the month, I may be able to help you...


Magnesium has been the BIGGEST help to getting rid of my migraines. Magnesium deficient people can suffer from migraines, anxiety, muscle cramps, insomnia, and a whole lot of other problems that doctors will diagnose as something else. If you are a human, you are probably a little magnesium-deficient (See this article: Why We’re All Deficient In Magnesium). 

Eating sugar and drinking coffee doesn't help things, but it's not like we're gonna give THOSE up. Well. I'm not. So I bought magnesium supplements at the drugstore (250 mg) and I take one or two every single day. Some websites recommend taking more, like up to 800 mg a day, but I'd ask a doctor before doing that. Literally everything we do depletes magnesium in some way, so supplements are VERY important. And if you don't have migraines but you have anxiety and sleep problems, this might help you.

After a month of taking magnesium, my migraines are almost gone. I'll get maybe two small ones a month instead of 10 debilitating ones. Big improvement. Magnesium should help with your cramps too, but based on the last two days of my life, I'm not so sure that it does!

More info on Magnesium

Essential oils.

I know. "What is this hippie nonsense Jill is cramming down my throat?" IT WORKS, OK!? Don't knock it till you try it!!

Buy this here. It is 4 dollars for the small one and you won't regret it. Mix a few drops with coconut oil or something similar, and rub on your temples, jaw, and back of neck.

Also, the last few times I've had migraines, nothing helped at all until I boiled some water, put a few drops of this oil in the water, and breathed the steam with a towel over my head. I know. When you have a mind-splitting migraine, it doesn't seem like steam of all things would make any difference. But seriously, it has completely stopped my migraine in its tracks every time. And then it's gone. And it doesn't come back. Plus it's super relaxing and good for your skin to breathe steam, so go for it.

It also smells really good, like spearmint, so that's cool, right? If nothing helps your migraines, maybe this puppy will.


Knowledge is POWER! To be powerful and migraine free, this book helped me:

17 bucks on amazon: here!

Written by a doctor, with lots and lots of reliable sources and medical studies to back up the info. This book helps you break down the causes of your migraines based on your specific symptoms and hopefully you can get to the bottom of them. The causes and cures: most important part!

This baby illuminated the magnesium thing to me, and covers a lot that I didn't understand before. As awesome as the endless listicles on the internet about migraine triggers and cures are (this post), they can be contradicting and not scientifically based. Yes, food triggers are real for some people, but if you're like me, food doesn't trigger headaches so it won't help me much to avoid pickles! But thanks for the tip, internet.


I try to avoid taking medicine, and maybe you're one of those people too. Migraine pain is a little too much to handle at times, and sometimes it hits when I literally can't go lie down in the dark, like when I'm at work or performing. In those cases, EXCEDRIN!

Excedrin is a magical thing, taken in moderation. Who knew the key to the universe was two painkillers and caffeine? Just kidding, sort of. When you're desperate and you need fast relief (I think that's their slogan...) Excedrin almost always works.

"Excedrin migraine, make sure it's Excedrin migraine!!" my dad always says, even though I'm pretty sure they're the same thing. But yes. Make sure it's Excedrin Migraine.

Also talk to your doctor about starting or switching birth control pills. They contain hormones that don't cause your headaches, but some work better with your body to keep them at bay. If you get menstrual migraines, you might need to take the pill that only gives you 3 periods a year, etc. Talk to your doctor about it.


I can hear my doctors frowning from here. This may sound like a terrible idea, but for me personally, on days when I feel the small symptoms of a migraine, I drink a cup of coffee, and usually the migraine won't hit. I've had a few times when Excedrin didn't work, nothing worked. But I drank an entire iced coffee in the midst of a bad migraine and all the pain went away. There's caffeine in migraine medicine, so there's something to it. My doctor said not to do this, that it could cause a "rebound headache" so take my words with a grain of salt. But hey, try it if you're desperate. Especially at the first signs of a migraine. If it works for you, awesome. If not...rub some oil on your head.

An App

It's a really good idea to keep a migraine journal and track the times, triggers, and remedies of every migraine to notice a pattern, but in my experience, writing all that down and deciphering it later is REAL difficult. I have this free app called Migraine Buddy that prompts you with a series of questions, you fill in all the details whenever you have a migraine (or hit "bother me later" and fill it out when the migraine has ended) and it will keep track of all the important stuff for you. It makes charts of when you frequently have them, what helps them, and what might cause them. Super helpful if you don't totally understand why the pain happens!

And if you get the app, ADD ME, cause I currently have no migraine buddies. I think you can put up a status like "currently in pain, send love" to your migraine pals and they can cure you with their love. Or at least empathize.


That is everything I've discovered in the last year. Different combinations of these remedies usually work. Try them if you think you have hormone related headaches. Also consider the usual health code: eat right and exercise. Drink an absurd amount of water and take your vitamin.

Obviously alcohol won't help your migraines, and it might even be triggering them. Think about your posture. If you're putting pressure on the wrong nerves or straining your neck all the time, that can very likely give you migraines. Definitely buy that book new or used, if you want to really understand what may be causing your pain, instead of popping a pill every time you feel it. 

Doctors will tell you there's not enough understanding of migraines and some people "just get them" and no one knows why. Doctors are really dumb sometimes. So do your own research and help yourself because lord knows no one at kaiser permanente is going to.

I hope this helped someone! Chronic pain can be SO frustrating and difficult to endure. I wish I'd found a post like this when my migraines were at their worst.

These are some cost-effective solutions to menstrual migraines that shouldn't give you crazy side-effects.

Stay well, everybody!!