Hollywood Film Festival!

Hi friends!

Some cool news: I recently had the honor of singing at the Hollywood Film Festival! I was lucky enough to sing my favorite jazz tunes with a five-piece band, The Gatsby Gang Jazz Band, and the evening was truly surreal. Red carpet and VIP pass oh my! I was getting strong Debbie-Renolds-in-Singin-in-the-Rain-Vibes and I am super okay with that. It was a night of fringe, flappers, glamorous performers, cameras everywhere, film screenings, and a party full of Hollywood hot shots. I will dig up some photos and hopefully video footage as it emerges into the web-o-sphere. If any press comes out with my image, I’ll share it here, but for now enjoy these pics of me and the band on the red carpet!

So sunny :)

So sunny :)


Definitely a career highlight. My first official red carpet but definitely not my last. I’m happy to have connected with a lot of lovely people and jazz folk. The showgirl in an ostrich costume and knife juggling tricycle rider definitely made my jaw drop.

That’s my update for now. I’ve been keeping very very busy with weddings and private events every weekend (what else is new) so I haven’t had much chance to post here, but if you’re looking for more insights into Jill adventures, follow me on instagram!

That’s where I’m most active and most often posting photos/ stories! So let’s be friends :)

If you’re looking to book our duo or trio for holiday entertainment (winter will be here in the blink of an eye) make sure to contact me soon! I’m probably only going to take one or two more winter holiday parties, so get that booking request in quick. In 2020 I’ll be scaling down the amount of weekend work I can take on and I’ll have a new contract and new fees to reflect the experience the last 5 years have given me! Not to scare anyone off, I just thought I’d put that out into the world :)

I’ll also have new videos up by the end of the year. I promise. I’m hoping to get back into the routine of posting a new video on my YouTube every week. In the meantime, watch my debut music video! It hasn’t gotten enough internet love in my humble opinion. I also haven’t promoted it much! But a reminder that I filmed and edited this puppy all myself, along with writing and performing the song and styling all my looks in the video :) Which was so much fun! So please give my baby video some love and hit ‘like’ and ‘subscribe’ (and send to a friend) if you enjoy it!

Thank you darlings. Your Hollywood Flapper Girl is signing off!



New Single Out Now!

My new song is here! It’s really here!

After months of hard work, this tune is finally out and ready for your cute little ears. It’s called “Write a Song About Me” and it was written and recorded by ME :)

StereoStickman reviewed and featured the song. Check out the article here!

Please give me a follow on Spotify and tell your friends about the new song. Listening on repeat won’t hurt either ;) If you have a favorite part of the song, let me know what it is! Reach out on Facebook, Instagram, or good old fashioned email at jillsargeantmusic@gmail.com

Music video for this song is coming very soon!!



New Song Out July 15!

Hi pals,

It’s been three years since I released new music, and the wait is almost over!! I’m so happy with this new song and can’t wait to share it with all my lovely friends and fans. It’s called “Write a Song About Me” and it’s completely self written, recorded, and produced. It sounds so clean and professional and it’s loaded with fun touches like mouth trumpet, bells, and washboard. Gordon plays guitar on it and he helped with the recording and editing process. We tried to infuse as much fun into this one as possible. It’s loaded with playful teasing and self-deprecating humor. My goal with this tune is simple: to make you smile. Hopefully it does just that!

Here’s a cool promo shot taken at the Madonna Inn:

sepia jill.jpg

If you’re not signed up for my email newsletter, now is a good time to do that! Everyone on the list will get the song one day early (to download and stream). You can join the VIP club right here.

You can brag to all your friends about it ;)

Do me a solid and follow me on Spotify! New music will be comin atcha regularly for the next year and following me means you’ll never miss a new release!

It may seem like no big, but I’m very proud of myself for figuring out how to add this little button to my site! Not the most tech savvy gal here but I do what I can! Gee, I feel fancy.

We also filmed a music video for this new song and it will debut before the end of August. I’m thrilled with how it turned out! Slowly making friends with the robots, learned to edit and everything! Even though it’s been quiet on my end, know that I’ve been working hard to bring these fresh tunes to you!

That’s all for now. I sincerely hope you love this new song. 12 days away!!



Casino San Clemente

Hi friends! I recently sang at a beautiful wedding at Casino San Clemente (no gambling, just the old-timey word for gathering place). Our duo, Overnite Oats, played during the ceremony and cocktail hour, then my jazz quartet took over for the reception. Judy Garland was known to perform and party at Casino San Clemente, so I was thrilled to follow in her footsteps and sing on the same stage as her! Check out a couple photos from the evening, taken by wedding photographer Hannah Costello.

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 11.36.38 AM.png

More news and photos coming soon!



Avocado Eyes

Are you ready?

Shhh it’s a secret!! I uploaded this video for the NPR Tiny Desk Contest and will be releasing a professionally recorded version onto Spotify/ streaming services this summer. Along with a music video! So I haven’t shared this version on any of my social media platforms (besides Youtube of course). I hope to keep it a bit of a surprise once the pro version is ready. So you can watch this sneak peek acoustic sesh and feel special! The final recording has harmonica, kazoo, washboard, and xylophone (and played on an in-tune ukulele)!!

I have found that this tune pairs well with cilantro and jalapeno.

Blue Skies

Goodbye rainy winter…

Nothing but Blue Skies do I see :) We had the honor of playing at Segerstrom Plaza again, this time with two more amazing bandmates! Lis Craft joined us on violin and Christian Castillo shredded it on upright bass. It was a beautiful day for jazz, sunshine, and mint green (what else is new). I will be sharing more photos and videos from this performance soon! My awesome brother Paul of Sargeant Photography filmed this one.


Live at The Hilbert Museum Feb 2!

Hey gang,

If you’re craving some good art and good music, you are in luck! Our duo will be playing at the Hilbert Museum near the Orange Circle this Saturday night from 6pm to 8pm! The event is free and the museum will be displaying gorgeous Mary Blair and Norman Rockwell pieces. Parking is also free and available nearby. Rain is predicted but honestly I can’t think of a cozier atmosphere on a rainy evening. We have a very fun set planned, so swing by and say hello!

At this point, I have written enough music for a new album and my hope is to record and release it by this summer. I also want to film and release my first music video, so that’s exciting! I also have some other exciting opportunities in the works, but I don’t want to say too much too soon. I am still playing music for weddings and private events, but working toward taking that next big step in my career. I’ll also be uploading new videos onto my youtube channel next month. I know I’ve been keeping things on the DL but you gotta believe me when I say I’m BACK baby, just like Amanda Bynes, I am BACK and better than ever. 2019 is The Year.

Thanks for reading and hopefully we see each other soon!

Take care!



Singing in the Forest

Hello friends,

As we gear up for a marathon of holiday parties, I wanted to share a few photos from recent gigs. And a video too! Woohoo. Our duo, Overnite Oats, played an autumn-tastic event for german shepherd rescue pups and their humans. It was wonderful seeing all the gorgeous dogs roaming around and my favorite prize won was for “Wiggliest Butt”


When we saw the giant inflatable fire hydrant, we just had to get a photo in front of it!

I mentioned our gig at Mother’s Tavern in Seal Beach on my previous post; here is a video of us performing “I’ve Just Seen a Face”

We had a lot of fun at this one. I have at least one more video of us from this night that I’ll hopefully get my hands on soon. If you haven’t subscribed to my youtube channel yet, please do so! I’ve been saying this for the past year, but I truly am about to post tons of new content and consistent weekly videos ranging from playlists to suit each mood to vocal advice. Look out for all this come February of next year!

In early October we had the opportunity to play a wedding in the redwood forest of northern California! The bride and groom got married in a circle of redwoods, which was breathtaking to say the least. We had a lot of fun playing the ceremony and then leading guests over to cocktail hour in a “second line” singing Boubon Street Parade with kazoo and all. Here are a few little pics from that magical day.


Ain’t Gordon cute?

On another special day recently, my brother renewed wedding vows with his amazing wife Leanne. It was also their 10 year wedding anniversary. They got married in Central Park at Bethesda Terrace where I sang Danke Schoen acapella.

This time around I had some accompaniment with Gordon on guitar. The love birds:


Finally, I’ve been keeping busy with weekly performances at an upscale senior living home in LA. I enjoy it because I get to sing all the old songs I love (I’m talking 1920s old) to an audience that remembers and appreciates the music. These are my people! I was the featured performer in October and here’s the poster to prove it.


Enriching lives all over Southern California. Since I started this post 24 hours ago, I’ve already booked a few jazz and holiday parties, so I’m bracing myself for the wonderful business that December will bring! I’m so grateful to be doing what I love most in this world— singing. Thank you to everyone who supports me and appreciates the work I do. I will work so hard to give you new music, videos, and live performances very soon!

Love love love,


August/ September Happenings

Hello and happy Fall!!

Boy do I have news for you! I am now offering voice lessons and ukulele lessons at very affordable rates. If you live in Southern California, you can take these lessons in person and if you live elsewhere, skype lessons are available. I already have a few students and I’m now looking to expand that list. If you or anyone you know may be interested, send an email over to jillsargeantmusic@gmail.com for rates and info!

I’ve also got two new videos up on YouTube. Here’s Crazy:

And we covered To Make You Feel My Love:

More videos are coming soon, including a series of singing advice. Stay tuned! And please subscribe if you haven’t already. You’ll be the first to know when a new video is posted :)

August was very busy for gigs! We had our double feature playing at Gypsy Den on August 24th…


And Skypark Folk Festival near Lake Arrowhead on August 25!


We had such a blast at this festival and were honored to play for such an appreciative crowd. I think my dad (mr bluegrass fan in the yellow hat) had an awesome time too!


We even got to meet Santa! Not a bad perk :)

On August 29 we played a special event at La Venta Inn which is completely gorgeous!

Scenic pics below.

IMG_2918 (1).JPG

Such a dream! People danced and mingled and enjoyed the view (especially at sunset). Someone mentioned that the mountains hadn’t been visible for months so we were there on a special day with an exceptionally clear view. We will play there again for a private event soon!

In addition to these lovely events, our duo has continued to play at Cedar Creek Inn (Brea) twice a month. Catch us some Tuesday night! Also, I was recently offered a weekly performance gig at Montecedro, a luxurious senior living spot in Pasadena. The staff and residents are so kind and generous, and even though it’s a bit of a drive from Long Beach, I love seeing these people and singing the music they all remember. Such a joy.

Last week I played and sang at a wedding with a stunning view of Malibu! The bride and groom looked spectacular and were so sweet. Here is a photo of the set up before guests arrived:

That’s my little chair (and umbrella!) on the right!

That’s my little chair (and umbrella!) on the right!

It’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it. Singing on the beach during some of life’s most special and romantic moments…very grateful for these opportunities!

This past Sunday, September 23, Gordon and I participated in a “Battle of the Bluegrass Bands” at Mothers Tavern in Sunset Beach. It was the most fun I’ve had at a gig in a loooong time. Dollar bills on the wall and cowboy boots on my feet. My dad joined us on banjo on a few songs with his bluegrass group and they killed it! It’s so much fun singing with a big band and hearing the sound really fill the room. I couldn’t believe how many people showed up to cheer us on and the shouts and applause we got after every song (…for 3 hours!) really blew my mind. Thank you Mothers Tavern for making a girl and her band feel special.

During this show my brother and his wife had a baby boy! I announced the news into the mic and everyone cheered “to baby Sam!!”

Welcome baby Sam!! Sunday was a family occasion indeed :)

My dad on the banjo!! His band joined us, so fun!

My dad on the banjo!! His band joined us, so fun!


Just when you thought this post would never end, I must wrap things up. I’m off to practice for the next gigs! Kudos to you if you’ve read this far. You are either my dad or a super fan. Thanks!!

I will leave you with a photo of me and my dog, Banjo at the beach.

Bye bye until next time from me and a good boy!

Bye bye until next time from me and a good boy!



Fourth Fridays and Double Feature

Ahoy mateys! Summer is here and the heat is HOT! But that won't stop me from singing.

We will be playing Fourth Fridays in Long Beach again this Friday (July 27th) from 6 to 9 in front of Meow Vintage. We love this location and this event, so swing by and listen for a few tunes (or more)! You can also find us playing at Cedar Creek Inn (Brea) twice a month. Check the "shows" tab for exact dates.

We have some private events in the coming months and then a double feature on August 24th and August 25th!

August 24: Gypsy Den Santa Ana (8pm to 10pm)

This will be a fun show!

August 25: Sky Park Folk Festival 5pm

We are excited to play our first folk festival! Enjoy the music along with all the fun outdoor activities, shopping, and restaurants offered at Sky Park near Lake Arrowhead California.

Ignore the typo on our band name. We are still Overnite Oats and we do not regret that spelling decision (sometimes we do) (a lot of recipes popping up if you search us) (it's fine)

Ignore the typo on our band name. We are still Overnite Oats and we do not regret that spelling decision (sometimes we do) (a lot of recipes popping up if you search us) (it's fine)

If you haven't seen my new jazz demo video, check it out now! Cameo by Banjo the dog.

We have a film-sesh planned for this weekend, so expect a bunch of beautiful new videos soon!

To book me or my band for your event, email jillsargeantmusic@gmail.com

And to read some rave reviews of past performances, see my gigsalad profile and scroll down :)

More soon! Have an awesome week.



Think Pink

Hello dear buddies,

We had so much fun playing at Day of Music Fullerton this year. Big shout out to the family, friends, and fans (old and new) we saw. Such a wonderful event bringing community together over music and sunshine. Here is a photo from our set at Matador Cantina:

Photo taken by our friend Ken Yoshida

Photo taken by our friend Ken Yoshida

Rockin' the pink, ohhh yeah. We shared two new songs we recently wrote and I think it went well! See you next year, Fullerton!

Check out the "shows" tab to see where I'll be singing next. I'm doing a few songs at Sacred Roots in Long Beach on July 13 and of course our duo plays Cedar Creek Inn in Brea two Tuesdays a month. We'd love to see you there!

Stay cool in this summer heat and don't be afraid to sport a little pink ;)



Day of Music Fullerton!

Greetings friends!

Somehow, it is June already! Which means Summer Solstice is right around the corner. Join me and Gordon on the longest day of the year (June 21st) as we play all over downtown Fullerton! I'm working hard on new music so we can debut a few new tunes. It's my tradition to play new original songs at Day of Music!

Where we will be playing:

Goldie's: 11am to 11:45am

D'Vine: 12 to 12:30

Matador Cantina Patio: 1:30 to 2:30

Villa Del Sol: 4 to 5pm

Search "Overnite Oats" below for more info and exact addresses!


I also have another jazz video up on youtube. This is an old song from the 20s called "Dinah"

Demo video of three jazz songs coming soon! 

Catch us at Cedar Creek Inn in Brea (we play there twice a month) and we will have more gigs open to the public soon! Stay tuned.

If you haven't already, sign up for my email newsletter to be the first to hear about shows, new music, and more!

Have a great week!




Segerstrom and more

Howdy howdy! 

This coming Sunday, Gordon and I will be playing music on the plaza at Segerstrom Center in Costa Mesa before a performance of Hamilton! We will be there next Sunday too. May 20th and 27th from 5pm to 6:15pm both evenings.

IMG_9376 (1).JPG

I'm super excited about this gig because Segerstrom was my first exposure to professional theatre. I saw countless shows here throughout my life, awestruck at almost every one. This venue definitely served as a source of inspiration for me, and it's one of the reasons I'm a performer today. So yes, I'm stocked that we were asked to play here before Hamilton! We have new songs, both covers and originals. Come say hi and grab a bite at the cafe while you're at it!

We are still playing Cedar Creek Inn in Brea every other Tuesday night from 5pm to 8pm. We will be there tonight (May 15), May 29th, June 12th, and June 26th. They have an amazing happy hour until 7, so get those good deals!

New video up, a little jazzier than my other ones. We are joined by our upright bass playing pal, Christian.

Here's Summertime:

We are also playing music from 6pm to 9pm in Long Beach as part of Fourth Fridays on Retro Row next Friday, May 25th. Wander around and find us! 

Gordon and I are signed up to play Day of Music in Fullerton again this year on June 21st, so mark your calendars! I'll provide more details about where and when we'll play as we get closer to the date.

Phew...I think that's everything. For now! Hopefully we will see you soon at one of these shows! We are also working on some super secret new music, so get excited!

Have an awesome day,


Hollywood, Baby!

We had our first gig in Hollywood, baby! Gordon and I played music for an event in a new luxury apartment building on Hollywood Blvd as part of an event called "Sushi, Sake, and Singers"

Here are some pre-event photos.

Our greenroom was an empty apartment overlooking Hollywood Blvd!

I call this one "girl with setlist"

I call this one "girl with setlist"



The pool area

The pool area

You can see the Griffith Observatory from the pool!

You can see the Griffith Observatory from the pool!

The show:

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 11.48.35 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 11.48.01 AM.png
Every set needs a kazoo!

Every set needs a kazoo!

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 11.47.40 AM.png
our lovely audience 

our lovely audience 

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 11.47.06 AM.png

New Uploads!

Hi friends! I've been keeping very busy with gigs (and the dog) but managed to upload a couple videos. Here is a cover of the song Home by Edward Sharpe!

And a cover of Love Me Tender...

Remember to subscribe to my youtube channel to see all the latest videos! And if you want to come see us live, we play every Tuesday night in Brea from 5 to 9 at Cedar Creek Inn. Come say hi, enjoy some sweet happy hour deals, and even sweeter music!

That's all for now!


House of Blues Show on Weds Jan 17!!

Hey gang!

We are playing The House of Blues!!! Gordon and I will be performing in the Foundation Room upstairs at the new Anaheim location at 8pm on January 17th. We would love nothing more than to see your shining faces at this show! I am seriously so pumped to be able to say I've performed at the House of Blues (even if it isn't the "main stage"......we'll get there!)

Tickets are $10 online in advance and $12 at the door. Get that better price riiiight here:

And tell your friends! The space looks really cool, so let's make it a party!

We also started our residency at Cedar Creek Inn in Brea every Tuesday night, so come chill out at the bar and let us serenade you from 5pm to 9pm. Cedar Creek is super cozy with a log cabin feel, fireplaces, and the whole shebang. Tables near the bar are family friendly, so guests under 21 are totally welcome. We'd love to see you there soon!




*Holiday Tunes*

Hi friends!

First things first:

New xmas/ holiday videos!!

And below is a lil playlist of holiday tunes I recorded while practicing for gigs. Nothing fancy, but some extra ukulele and holiday cheer!

Tonight (Friday, Dec 22) Gordon and I will be playing in Long Beach outside near the Art Theatre on 4th st during Fourth Fridays. We will be there from 6 to 9 playing all our hits PLUS holiday tunes! Grab your warmest coat and stop by!

I planned on posting pics and details of all our November/ December gigs, but we had so many that I can't quite keep track of them all! Blog post coming soon with a recap :)

Happy Holidays, everyone! A good time to rest, reflect, and plan for a fresh start. Bring on 2018!




Keepin Busy in October


We just had a busy weekend! I played a lovely couple's proposal dinner back in January, and recently had the pleasure of singing at their wedding! They had the ceremony in Malibu and everything was absolutely stunning. 

Here's a pic from the event:


The same day, Gordon and I played with our buddies/ occasional band members Christian and Lis. We really love playing with these two! As lovely as it is to sing and play in our duo, having more people gives a certain life and energy to a song that I just adore. Here's a pic from the birthday party. The band minus me...because I'm...taking the photo.


New business cards for Overnite Oats!

We have more pics on the back of them (feels like trading cards, so fun) but I love that one :)

I played for 5 hours solo recently at the Westwood Village farmers market. It was fun but tiring! Here is a photo of my set up:

I will say I got more five dollar bills than I ever have while busking, whatever that means! I didn't make much more $ than usual, but the fivers were pretty awesome. 

Here is a cool drawing done by an artist at the birthday party:


I love being a 1920s cartoon girl! It's groovy!! The artist's name is Miles Lewis, check him out.

Gordon and I are headed to New York for a fall vacation, so it'll be pretty quiet for a week or so, but expect lots of public performances soon!

Make sure to keep up with me/ us on the "Shows" tab on this site and follow all the fun social media accounts! I keep the Shows tab updated pretty regularly, so if you are itching to see us perform, check back often! Next public gigs as of right now are two performances at Anthropologie stores in Los Angeles on black friday and we will play in Long Beach later that evening as part of Fourth Fridays on retro row. November 24! Save the date :)


Alright babies, keep it real.

Book us for private gigs here:





Stay spooky, kids.


New Video + Gig Recap

Hey hey hey!

Our country is falling to pieces, and here I am, writing a blog post about my music career! OK?!?

Gordon and I have had a fun and busy August/ September. He got flown out to New York and Michigan for business, and I joined him in Ann Arbor for a few days. It's so beautiful there! We just got back from Palm Springs after a gig there over the weekend, AND we had the pleasure of being termite-tented last week!! Life is definitely keeping us on our toes (and in bags. everything we own is in bags). Soon things might return to normal, but then again, maybe not! 

PSA: Overnite Oats (the band formerly known as Jill and Gordon) have an INSTAGRAM NOW! An Instagram of our VERY OWN! Please follow us at @overnite_oats

We promise you lots of cute pics, videos, and updates!

Here is a pic from a children's party we played over the weekend:


Decorations were beautiful, the people were nice, and best of all: they had a pool. Perfect when it's 110 outside! We had a lot of fun singing to kids and grown ups alike. We also enjoyed the mini vacation we decided to take afterward! 

We played at a chocolate shop in Los Angeles (ChocoVivo) on September 22 for their Jazz Night and we had such a lovely time! The air was crisp and it was a perfect evening for jazz and hot chocolate. Here's a pic of me, but Gordon was there too, killin it as usual.

Here we are before we performed-- all smiles!

Here we are before we performed-- all smiles!

I've got a new (ish) video up! Next one I'll be posting is "The Way I Am" by Ingrid Michaelson!

What else? I've been playing a bunch of farmer's markets. I'm back at the Thursday Westwood Farmer's Market October 19 from 12 to 6pm and October 26 from 12pm to 3pm

That's all the public performances I've got coming up for now; hopefully I'll add more soon! The good news is we've been playing a bunch of private parties and we're keeping busy with weddings, birthdays, etc! They're a lot of fun but they're also a lot of work, so I'm grateful to have more free time to give 100% to these well-deserving clients!

Here's a mirror selfie from the Costa Mesa Market (5 hours solo!!)



Don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter to find out where I'll be playing next! Not to mention music releases, secret shows, free stuff, aaaallll the gossip.

I think that just about covers it. Lots of private gigs, no more day job (...for me), we're figuring it all out and having some laughs along the way. Here's to the future and all the good things to come!

If you have some cash to spare, consider donating to https://everytown.org/

I have hope for a better future. An America where people do not live in fear of being shot for their skin color, sexuality, or for just...leaving the house. We can get there. We just need these rules to change. And we need to talk about it. Constantly. Until something changes for good.

On that note, have a cheery week! Be good, do what's right, your smile brightens someone's day! We are getting ready to play a wedding this weekend, sounds like it'll be a lot of fun!

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Catch ya later, babydolls!!