I'm On a Podcast! And some Kickstarter Updates.

Hello pals,

I'm on a podcast! I virtually sat down with podcaster Jim Boy Star and talked about my Kickstarter, finding a studio, and sweet, sweet revenge.

Here is the interview! Give it a listen!

In other news, my Kickstarter is more than halfway through and I am ALMOST at that glorious halfway point. As I post this, I need about 30 dollars. Anyone? ...Bueller? 

Fingers crossed we hit that goal by Easter (when the campaign ends)!

I've had some exciting gigs lately. Some kids parties, and I played at Pianos, Caffe Vivaldi, and Lovecraft. Cool stuff! My friends get all the bonus points for coming out and supporting me throughout gig-madness these past few months. I won't have another show until May probably, so I can really buckle down and focus on all the work for the album.

Here is my latest video...I'm talking!

Wild, right?

I'm a fan of this one too:

That's all for now, folks! Please please please check out that Kickstarter! Every dollar will make the music *that* much more beautiful! And tell your friends! Be annoying! It works for me! Just kidding, sort of?

Love ya, miss ya, see ya soon.

xoxo Jill

so many updates!!

Hello friends!

I fell off the earth for a while there. I went on a long, lovely, and undeserved vacation to Seattle (girls trip!) and then Orange County (home)! I got to see everyone that I love and take a break from this sometimes-stressful, energizer bunny of a city. But I'm glad to be back and I'm ready to kick butt/ take names. Figuratively, of course.

I did a lot of THINKING and PLOTTING and PLANNING about my music, which is awesome! And also explains why this site and my YouTube channel have been tumbleweed ghost towns. Cricket chirps. Temporarily abandoned buildings. You pick your favorite analogy, I'll throw them all out there for you! I do have SOME exciting developments to share though!!

1. I have a mini-album!

Yes, fingers crossed it wins the Grammy. But seriously, I laid down five solid tracks to sell at "Day of Music" in Fullerton, and with the help of the ever-skilled Gordon, they all sound pretty marvelous. I'm using it as more of a business card to get my info/ links out there, but some sweet jams never hurt anybody. Neither did money. Which people give me in exchange for the CDs. 

I love that.

It's got three originals and two covers. The true, full album of only my originals will be ready by the end of summer! Such a fun project!

2. Day of Music!

Day of Music was a hit! I played at a coffee shop, outdoors at the cultural center (baby needed a tan), and the arts colony where my brother and sister-in-law have studios. Each place had an awesome crowd and I'm pretty sure Brucey (dad) had the best Father's Day ever! Watching me sing for HOURS!! Dreams do come true.

I felt very loved and supported, and I sold all my CDs! Wahoo!! Bummed I missed all the other cool events/ acts that day, so I guess I'll just have to come back next year. And only play...two gigs.

Cheesin' at the Arts Colony. One of the few shots that wasn't photobombed by a sneaky 8 year old!


So Day of Music was a FABULOUS way to kick off the start of my favorite season!

Summer. In case that wasn't clear.

3. I'm forming a jazz band! (but it's a secret)

I have found the best that craigslist NY has to offer, and we will all team up to form one super, unstoppable, majestic jazz band. I just have to...meet them. So it's happening! Soon. But maybe don't tell everyone you know until we actually have some gigs lined up. Which will be SOON!

4. I HAVE A GIG!!!

AUGUST 15!!! 8 PM!!! SHOW UP EARLY TO CATCH ALL THE OTHER COOL CATS!! I have to promote this thing like mad and I've been slacking. So here we go. Please come to this if you live in NYC!! If you buy tickets in advance, they're only 5 dollars each and you get to see FOUR bands! I'll be singing for an hour, and if a ton of people show up to see me, the group organizing the event will put me at a bigger/ better venue and I'll move my way on up from there.

So if you were considering NOT coming to this, consider the OPPOSITE thing!!

It's gonna be a good time.

Here is the link to buy tickets! http://turnstylemusicgroup.com/event/863977-powerlines-new-york/

5. New promo shots are coming our way!

My bro took some photos of me running around New York with my avocado ukulele, so we'll be seeing those shortly!

6. Giveaways!!

I'm holding some giveaways on my facebook artist page. Follow me if you want to win a shirt, CD, handmade art, or other surprises!


And now for the not-so-exciting news. I found out a few weeks ago that I didn't get into Music Under New York. And I hyped it up SO much!!! I was SO certain I got in!! But what can you do.

I did my best, and powered through a nasty cold and got on the news and was still an all-around superstar about it. There's always next year! And this baby can still make money in parks/ subways, so it's no true setback.

Phew! That was a lot of things! I'll be sure to share updates as they come, so we avoid OVERWHELMINGLY AWESOME posts like this in the future. OH and a soundcloud is in the works, so look out for that!

Keep it real.

Talent Tuesday (It's friday)

I was featured on a blog! And now I'm sharing it on MY blog! Who wants to blog about this blog post about a blog so people on tumblr can reblog it?! Anyone?

Here is the link: CLICK ME!!!! <3

And this is the song I have on my profile on "Down to Jam" (the site that featured me) so take a lil listen. This is a cover!

(I still have not heard about Music Under New York so don't even go there)


Two New Videos Up!

Guess what! I did something! I powered through this crippling cold to actually create something! It's a miracle! My dear friend Gordon Grajek and I recorded Stormy Weather, because it's terrible outside and we've all forgotten what warmth feels like.

We also covered that 90s favorite, "Dreams" by the Cranberries. Because who DOESN'T have this song playing in their heads every time they walk through the streets of New York City?!?!

Right?!?! That's not just me, is it? Wait....is it?

Alright. Well here it is, my puppies-in-bandanas. 

It's kind of gross how cute we are, huh? But in a fun way. Right?

We are trying to make at least a video a week because word on the street is that the Internet is important and can make a Justin Bieber out of a scrawny kid with a lady voice. So here's hoping I go viral and the Internet makes a Bieber out of THIS scrawny kid with a lady voice!!!

I will post more updates as they come (I know the fans check this blog on the regular. Dad. I think you stopped reading my blog. Come on.) And I'll be back on my busking feet in no time, so look for me in NYC subway tunnels soon. And give me money if you see me. But dollars, not coins. Ok. I'm glad we had this talk.

Smell ya later,