Post #2: 2015 Edition!

*the crowd politely applauds*

*the crowd waits*

*the crowd grows impatient*

*the crowd grows unruly and starts tipping over tables*

*a fire starts*


*the crowd takes their seats, content to hear this news. No one puts the fire out*

I'm back, baby! And by that, I mean I remembered I had a website and decided to tweak it a bit. I'm sure you've all been dying to know what I've been up to...


*it is revealed that the crowd is imaginary and Jill's dad is still the only one who checks this site*

Well HERE is what I've been doing this past month or so!!!

-watching every episode of Master Chef Junior (so proud of you, Alexander)

-telling myself I will go to the gym, or at least cancel my expensive subscription, but not actually doing either of those things.

-selling food at a broadway theatre and charming the pants off of old people in the hopes that they will tip me.

-trip to California!


-ordering off of home shopping network


-making a lot of lists for improving my life and then never looking at those lists again.

-i put up some wall art, but most of the pictures fell off. Scotch tape, I'm lookin' at you.

- "auditioning"

-stress-purchasing expensive lipstick 

-trying to remember how to sing and play the ukulele at the same time.

I'm sure everyone is wondering how my gig went! The one I was so excited about in my last post!!! Summed up in 10 words: No one showed up and they cut me off early.

It's cool, an audience of 5 is all I needed, and who wanted to hear my best three songs at the end anyway?? But in all seriousness, I did have a very supportive, if small, group arrive and listen. I gave them free merch. And then I cried in the bathroom. Just kidding! I didn't even make it to the bathroom. I worked my lil butt off and saved the last five or six best songs for last, but the sound guy told me I could pick one more before my set ended (ten minutes early). So I did one of those six and mentally strangled the sound guy. I hope he never sees this. He won't.

Is this coming off as bitter? I'm definitely not bitter and I've definitely processed all these emotions in a healthy way and haven't let them build up and twist my view of humanity.

So the gig didn't go as expected. But I did some important work that'll pay off in the future, and I got to debut my soon-to-be hit, "Sad Goat Girl." Anyone who was there will tell you, "It's definitely something."

I'm trying to figure out how to busk in this cold weather. I'm trying to figure out how to physically survive in this cold weather. It takes like 45 minutes to put clothes on. By the time I'm ready to go, whatever I was headed to has ended and it's time for bed. I literally do not leave my apartment unless there is a negative consequence of me staying in. So yeah, bringing myself to have hours of music prepared, a warmed up voice, layers of clothes on, a game plan, my ukulele, and the stamina to be outdoors for any amount of time (without anyone expecting me to play anywhere) is a little tricky. Busking was much more enjoyable when I could throw on a sundress, grab my uke, and walk to the high line. But ah, the life of a starving musician. Roughing it in the snow and subway passageways, just to share my art and make a few bucks. Sounds so poetic and romantic, but not actually very fun at all. This Cali girl functions much better in the warmth. Hi, Spring? Wanna come over? Great, see you soon.

So that is currently where I'm at. I'm working on getting gigs and going to auditions, but also just making enough to pay rent and feed myself. It'll all come together, I just need to "keep on truckin" as they say in London. That's a British phrase, right? Pretty sure.

One thing I CAN do from the warmth of my apartment?!?! WRITE! I added more writing and will continue to do so until the sun comes out again. Probably even after that. So...

Winter: 1

Jill: 0

I'll give ya any more updates (dad) if I have them! Until then, STAY WARM, A STORM IS COMING. STOCK UP ON FLASHLIGHTS AND BEANS.