Videos and Gigs and I Have Parents

Hey friends! Long time no blog!!

Update: On October 9th I played and sang at the CityView racquet club lounge in Long Island City! I serenaded a group of ladies at happy hour after their sunset pilates class! Plus others in the lounge. It was a beautiful night filled with friends, rain, wine, and music! Who could ask for anything more? There was also ziti pizza, and Jill never says no to ziti pizza.

This past Saturday, I played for a toddler's halloween birthday party in Brooklyn. If you've never seen two tiny boys dressed up as the hulk, I highly recommend you do. It's really cute. So that gig went well! I also got a free piece of pizza out of it (sensing a theme here) so YEAY pizza!!

The birthday girl (3) loves Jack Skellington, which I think is amazing. She kept walking away during songs to "go talk to Jack" aka this cut-out. Love it.

Also: I have parents! They came all the way to the big apple from sunny California just to see me! They stayed for a few days and we really painted the town magenta. They went home yesterday and I DIDN'T CRY! YOU CRIED!!

Ok I cried. But it's ok because I will see them in December.

I have parents

My brother Brad was also in New York last week and we got dinner, beer, and doughnuts (of course) and I took him to the famous Trailer Park Lounge. Classic.


I have some new videos on YouTube. This is the newest one:

And a jazzy cover for ya...

And of course, a clip from my gig at CityView. "You are my Sunshine" (the beginning of the song is cut off, but you know how it goes)...

So there ya have it, folks. I'm sure there will be more gigs soon, and I'm actually truly about to work with some jazz musicians to form more of a band and less of a solo act. So be on the lookout for that. We also have a beautiful video coming atcha soon, and someday (sigh someday) I will have my originals semi-professionally recorded so I can sell them/ give them to you. 

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Talk to you soon, suckers.