Originals Up On Youtube!

Hey gang! I uploaded some original songs I sang at my recent gig. I don't have many videos of songs I've written, so feast your ears and eyes!! Tell me what you think!

I didn't realize the light I positioned my face under was bright devil red, so oops on that one, and my ukulele is buzzing quite a bit in these videos. I gotta press those strings harder!

Otherwise, enjoy ;)

This is a song about missing California.

This is my first country song, but hopefully not my last.

And this one is slightly more recent, so I'll just let you do the math on it.

Better quality ones up soon! I'm always saying that.

I've been busking in Central Park now and then, near the zoo. All the kiddos and families and tourists seem to appreciate it. I work at a coffee shop nearby in Astoria. It's been a thrill ride, but after over a month, I actually feel like a real employee who knows what she's doing.

I'm slowly recording my album, using garageband and my amazing microphone. I do not speak tech, so I'm relying a lot on my engineer boyfriend to help make this sound good!! No pressure, Gordon. But my career is in your hands.

I'm working on getting paid gigs, but until then, I have been granted permission to sing/ busk at farmers markets in queens, so stay tuned for that! Don't you want me to sing to you as you search for the best head of local broccoli?? The answer is yes, you do. Everyone wants that. 

Summer is over and I feel like it just began. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm ready for FALL. I want to pretend I'm Meg Ryan and stomp through crunchy leaves while philosophizing on life and love in New York City. Also pumpkins. 

And some great news: I haven't been getting as many migraines in the past few months! I think I'll do a whole post on everything that helps me, because maybe it'll help someone else.

But mainly: magnesium.

I will share any career/ gig/ album news as soon as it comes my way. Migraine post soon. Until then, enjoy this still from You've Got Mail:

And this pic of Julie Andrews looking JUST LIKE ME

At least a little........right?