Viva Vacation


As I sit in the Las Vegas airport, ready to fly back to New York, I realize that my insanely long vacation is coming to an end. I was in California for two weeks, Vegas for one week, and I'm pretty pooped from too much fun. It wasn't all fun and games though! was, but I did have a gig!

I sang at a private Christmas party in Riverside, and I had Richard Simon on upright bass! If you look into his experience, you'll find he's quite the pro and has played with all the greats. That was clear when we met up before the party (for the first time ever) and he played through a few of my song choices like a CHAMP, backing me up beautifully and not missing a beat. Even though we didn't have much rehearsal time, due to me not living in California, the party went really well! The backyard was a little chilly, but beautiful, and the guests seemed to really enjoy the holiday tunes while they mingled. Here is "Blue Christmas" with a bass solo in the middle!

Shout out to Gordon for hanging out through the gig and filming a few songs!

Singing and playing with an upright bass was really new but incredibly fun. I felt like a true jazz singer. Another successful gig thanks to GigSalad

Then I got to take a break and enjoy Christmas with my darling family. Gordon and I performed a BUNCH for them (thank you, Bruce, for endlessly suggesting that we sing at every dinner) but it was fun!! My dad joined in on a few songs with his banjo! I'll acquire a video and post that soon. He barely ever performs for people but he's awesome on banjo, so that was great!

Gordon and I also busked at the Orange Circle on Christmas Eve, which was exciting, but it was the most deserted I've ever seen the Circle! We still did pretty well. And of course, a few Sargeants dropped by to listen ;)

Otherwise, we did a lot of eating (Del Taco, I worship you) and had a lot of family time! Perfect.

This week, we traveled to Vegas (Vegas babyyyyy, woooo) (just kidding) (mostly) because Gordon had some very important business at CES and I came along for the ride! He found products to test while I tested the hotel jacuzzi. It works. 

Vegas is cool if you're rich or you love being day drunk, but for the rest of us, it's just "eh."

I'm glad to be going back to New York! Pretty sure I stuck out like a sore thumb in Vegas. Nonetheless, I had to record this song from the hotel room:

Two Elvis songs in one post! Look at me go!

Not much else to report at the moment, since I've been chilling' like a villain and Jillin' like a villain as well!! But there will be an important announcement soon regarding my ALBUM that is soon-to-be recorded!! Very exciting stuff.

Peace out, kids!