Keepin Busy in October


We just had a busy weekend! I played a lovely couple's proposal dinner back in January, and recently had the pleasure of singing at their wedding! They had the ceremony in Malibu and everything was absolutely stunning. 

Here's a pic from the event:


The same day, Gordon and I played with our buddies/ occasional band members Christian and Lis. We really love playing with these two! As lovely as it is to sing and play in our duo, having more people gives a certain life and energy to a song that I just adore. Here's a pic from the birthday party. The band minus me...because I'm...taking the photo.


New business cards for Overnite Oats!

We have more pics on the back of them (feels like trading cards, so fun) but I love that one :)

I played for 5 hours solo recently at the Westwood Village farmers market. It was fun but tiring! Here is a photo of my set up:

I will say I got more five dollar bills than I ever have while busking, whatever that means! I didn't make much more $ than usual, but the fivers were pretty awesome. 

Here is a cool drawing done by an artist at the birthday party:


I love being a 1920s cartoon girl! It's groovy!! The artist's name is Miles Lewis, check him out.

Gordon and I are headed to New York for a fall vacation, so it'll be pretty quiet for a week or so, but expect lots of public performances soon!

Make sure to keep up with me/ us on the "Shows" tab on this site and follow all the fun social media accounts! I keep the Shows tab updated pretty regularly, so if you are itching to see us perform, check back often! Next public gigs as of right now are two performances at Anthropologie stores in Los Angeles on black friday and we will play in Long Beach later that evening as part of Fourth Fridays on retro row. November 24! Save the date :)


Alright babies, keep it real.

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Stay spooky, kids.