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Hey kids!

Gordon and I played at the Tarrytown farmers market a couple weeks ago and even though it was FREEZING and windy, it was also a lot of fun! He played his pretty blue mandolin and sang bluegrass songs with me. Gordon's parents (who are wedding photographers/ videographers) came and filmed a few songs we did. Here's two songs from the show, combined with shots of me and Gordon being pretty cute in the leaves.

So fun! Big shout out to TASH for having us!

We busked in Central Park the next day, since it was warmer and we were on a roll! It was a good time. But for some reason, people in Central Park always seem so CONFUSED by buskers and street music. Way more confused than the crowds in the rest of the parks. I wonder what that's all about. Well, here's a pic of our feet and Gordon's open mandolin case:

Also, I am playing my original songs and sharing all my secrets at W@tercooler in Tarrytown on December 5! It will be a really awesome event, and has limited seating, so get those tickets! Come hear all my secrets!!!

I am also playing at the Horticultural Society of New York's Green Bean Bash! YEAH it's as cool as it sounds! Veggie love galore!! During the day on December 5, I'll be doing a nice little mix of kid's songs, oldies, and holiday tunes. You need tickets for this as well, but you get to make veggie crafts and get your picture with Mr Green Bean! What more could you want?!?!?

Green Bean Bash info!

I wrote a new song! It still needs some work, but here's my first draft:

Chickity-check out my Soundcloud, more songs up there soon: https://soundcloud.com/jill-sargeant/tracks

What else? Thanksgiving is coming up. Thanksgiving is just an ok holiday, but it's cool to be grateful. CHRISTMAS is what I'm talking about. Gimme those twinkly lights and sweet classic songs. It is very likely that I will upload my Thanksgiving/ Gratitude song today (that I'm still writing) so keep an eye out. Otherwise, happy holidays you goons!

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Peace, hugs, love ya!