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My beautiful frogs,

I am playing TWO shows this Saturday Dec 5th! The first show is the "Green Bean Holiday Bash" and YEAH it's gonna be as awesome as it sounds! I'm also singing my originals at W@tercooler Hub in Tarrytown later that night. Info and tickets for both events and in the post right below!

As far as I know, the show at the high school cafeteria (no autographs, please) is still a go, and I think I have a gig back HOME in California on Dec 21st! A jazzy holiday gig in a private home. Baby is feeling good. Note to self: start practicing Christmas/ holiday songs in October. Because that is what the people want to HEAR!

Top secret info: I am planning on professionally recording an album in the coming months. I really hope to have it done by March or April, but we will see how long the whole process pans out. A kickstarter may surface soon, because baby needs some more funds to get this done! But it's really exciting to plan it all and to think that this is actually HAPPENING. That I will have legitimate recordings of songs I wrote, and someday soon I can hold my album in my hands! So cool!!!

This is my latest vid:

Stay tuned for more updates, and I have some POP songs and holiday songs coming atcha!!

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As always, catch ya later....