Day of Music

Orange County! I am comin' for you!

In...two months.

I will be performing at downtown Fullerton's Day of Music, on June 21 (summer solstice)!! Basically a ton of musicians take over downtown from 11am to 8:30pm and play in stores, restaurants, coffee shops...probably outside too. It sounds like a good time. I'm figuring out which venues I'm going to play, but as of right now, I'm booked to sing at Magowski Arts Colony from 5 to 6.

You should be there! I believe it is Father's Day, but what better activity to do with dad than see free live music on the longest day of the year?? Kid tested, dad approved.

I'll post more updates about where I'll sing and play as I find out! But yes...rare Orange County appearance. Get your tickets while you can, this show will sell out quick.

Kidding, it's free. I mentioned it's free but I just really wanted to stress that you don't have to pay anything to go to go to this.

I also got an acoustic electric uke! She plugs in and everything! And she is sooo pretty. I'll post pics soon. "Spalted mango" is how described her. Such a natural beauty.

We had a couple lovely days where it was 70 degrees or so, but that ended quickly. Back down to 45 and gloomy this week. Southern California baby is SICK of real weather!! I want my sunshine! I want my ocean! I want to pretend to tan but really just get freckles/ burnt!!!

Soon, my mice. Soon.