Subway rat in training


In my last post, I mentioned applying for Music Under New York, a program by the MTA that gives musicians frequent performance opportunities in high-traffic areas in the subway. The MTA doesn't pay these musicians, but you can accept tips (so you make bank) and you get great exposure and tons of performance opportunities! And the best part!? Police can't escort you out! Even if your music is amplified! Technically musicians can busk in the subways as long as their music isn't amplified, but most cops don't care/ pay attention to that rule, so they'll kick you out anyway.

But if you're in the Music Under New York club, you are SUPPOSED to be there, and the MTA even makes you a BANNER!!! I'm really fixated on this banner.

...I want my name on a banner, ok?

So I sent in a CD of me playing and singing and got an email last week inviting me to the auditions!! I have a time slot and everything!! Now THAT'S an audition I can get behind. None of this waiting around in a cold studio all day, only to find out they won't see you unless you've already been on Broadway.

The audition is in Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Station on May 19 and I should be going on at about 12:55pm! They said that the auditions are open to the public and the MTA website even has a horrifying photo of an audition from the past. With rows and rows of "industry professionals" sitting at tables and the rest of the room jam-packed with tourists. So I will definitely have an audience. If anyone wants to show up and support me and scream extra loud after I sing and be a friendly face in the crowd, please feel FREE. It will be much appreciated. I only have 5 minutes, so I'm going to do two short songs and hope they can find a place for me on their roster. 

So many humans.

So many humans.

I think it would be awesome to get this. It would motivate me a lot, give me tons of (paid) practice, and help me figure out different sets for gigs I do in the future. And you never know who will be walking by while I sing. So fingers crossed.

I bought my first AMP this weekend!! I'm not super sure that it's technically an amp, but I love saying the word AMP!! It is very cute, and generally lightweight. But the email said there will be "no electricity" at the audition, which is strange to me because I'm pretty sure Grand Central has electricity. Soooo I either need to find a battery powered amp, or figure out (...have Gordon figure out) how to plug it into a battery on the 19th.

But shhhhh it's all gonna work out.

I also found out that our neighbor across the hall (who is also our super) takes his one-year-old out into the lobby and holds her up to our door whenever they hear me singing. So that's sweet. I'm glad the little buba likes my jams...and that I'm not ruining nap time in any way.

Alright, poppy seeds, I'll leave you with a video of a band Gordon and I saw live this week. They were much rowdier in person, but check 'em out if you need some new bluegrass in your life. Nathan Kalish and The Last Callers.

SEE YA SOON, BABOONS!! Seacrest out!