I'm Thinking About Getting My Act Together Soon

You know what's a trip? Chocolate covered cherries. Just the right amount of velvelty richness and then BOOM! It's tart.

My dad told me to update my blog again, so here we are. Even though I have literally NOTHING going on, career-wise. I guess I'm shifting focus from unpaid gigs to paid gigs. I'm working on some sets I could play in pubs and restaurants and I'm gonna buy a PA system. So even if a place doesn't normally have the set-up for live music, I can bring it all myself. I also kind of want an accoustic-electric ukulele because how badass does THAT sound?

"Oh, this? It's just my electric ukulele. It's whatever. Now let me plug in and SHRED!!"

Yeah. That sounds good.

Also waiting on my avocado ukulele! I assume a bearded, Ron-Swanson-like man is building it as we speak. Etsy is a beautiful thing.

Take it in:

Angels sing when I look at that photo. There are few things more perfect in this cruel world than a ukulele painted like an avocado. So hopefully that's ready soon. 

I also applied to be one of those musicians who plays in the subway but is promoted and sort of sponsored by the MTA. They make you a banner and everything. It's not paid, but you can accept "donations" and you get hella exposure. 

I thought I had a jazz band in the works, but it's all up in the air now, so who knows. I think the important thing we all need to remember here is that it's been above 40 degrees consecutively for the last few days in New York. So yeah. It IS Spring and there IS hope for humanity!!

Oh, speaking of no hope for humanity, I stumbled upon this video today, hoping to learn a thing or two about how to grow my "fan base" and turns out, YouTube is a cult. Check it out (if you have 10 minutes to spare):

It Wouldn't Let Me Embed the Video but Here It Is

Basically, a girl in a YouTube shirt talks about the "5 guiding principles to build your community on YouTube" and mentions "creation story, creed, leadership, rituals, and language." She ends on the line, "These are all elements that can help you build your community, your strong, social army of promoters."

If that isn't CULT language, I don't know what is. Anything that mentions rituals and leadership and "armies of promoters" is something I usually steer clear of. Maybe that's just me. Drink the Kool Ai—I mean, SUBSCRIBE!


I should share this website with people other than my immediate family, but I kinda like having it as my little secret, you know? My tiny little secret website! So cute! So mysterious! OK I'll share it soon......dad!!!

Until next time.....adios mi chachas.