Good News All Around

Howdy Partners!

It's definitely been an exciting month! If you haven't already heard, we made the Kickstarter goal!! It was a close call, but thanks to my wonderful amazing beautiful friends and family pulling through on the last day, we got there!! This means I'll be able to afford musicians and studio time and printing costs for the album! In addition to lots of other important stuff!

Thank you everyone! I'm so lucky to have such a supportive network :)

Second round of good news: We had our FIRST day in the studio this past Saturday!

Gordon and I packed up all our instruments, all our snacks, and anything we might possibly need (besides an extra sweater. I gotta bring 3 sweaters next time) for 10 hours in the studio. I had no idea what to expect on this first day, so I did all my homework and hoped for the best!

Third round of good news: It went really well!!

We recorded some basic tracking for about 8 songs (out of 11) and we have two finished songs! My voice wasn't totally on its game this weekend because of a cold, so I have to re-do some vocals, but it really doesn't take as long as I thought it would. I am pretty amazed at how much we got done in 10 hours and I'm super proud of Gordon and myself for not cracking under the pressure! The Bunker Studio, where we recorded, made us feel very relaxed and on schedule, and I completely trusted our sound engineer Nolan. That helped with our productivity a lot!

Some pics from the studio:

Woo! I'm super excited to share this music with you all. A professional studio really does these songs justice! Gordon won't stop playing our rough mixes in the car/ apartment...haha. So I'd say that's a good sign. I'm relieved that our session went so well, and I'm feeling like it might take less time than I thought to record all the songs! 

I also added a "Pre-order" tab to the website, so if you missed your chance to pre-order the album via Kickstarter, you can still get it this way. As of right now, it's only for the physical album, still figuring out the digital album, but hopefully that'll be possible soon.

The album is on sale this week! It'll go back up to $20 soon, so take advantage of the sale!

I'm thinking this puppy will definitely be ready by June.

Yeay! Good news all around! Yeay!

PS: I found this picture of future you listening to the album...

Peace out,