Studio Day 2!

Hey friends!

A few days ago, we had our second day in the studio! I did some vocals for about 4 songs and had a few pals come into the studio to lend their glorious voices/ laughter/ general party sounds to one of my songs. It was a lot of fun and I'm REALLY happy with the result! We listened back to the rough mix, and without any mixing or fine-tuning yet, the song melted my heart!

And I'm super self-critical, so I'd say that's a great sign!

My lovely happy friends in Bunker Studios

My lovely happy friends in Bunker Studios

So even though I didn't record all the vocals I needed to, we still made progress. And I'm getting more excited about the album the more we add to each song!

Gordon and I will probably have another day in the studio in May to record anything we missed, and we've got a date picked in early June for all the session musicians and filming for a music video (!!). So there's still lots of work to do, but even these baby steps are getting me pumped for the finished product! I can't wait to share these songs with everyone. 

This month I'll be rehearsing to sing at a wedding! I've got 4 hours of rep to plan out and perfect, but it's all fun work! Another shout out to GigSalad for helping me keep those gigs comin' in.

I've also got a show May 31st at Rockwood Music Hall at 7pm!! On Stage 3. Come hear sneak peeks of the album!

I think that's just about it, music-wise. Gordon and I are going to play some farmers markets and busk in central park soon, so follow my facebook or twitter or insta to get updates about our lil pop-up shows! 

Keep it real, kiddos! Go dance in the spring flowers and enjoy your week!!