Rockwood music hall, May 31st!

Rockwood Music Hall, May 31st!

6:30pm, music starts at 7!

Also, hi.

If you want to hear some sweet jams and forget all your troubles, get that ticket here:

Gordon and I will be playing my original songs in anticipation of the album coming out soon!! I hear this is a really cool space and we can all get very moody and 90s together (or whatever decade you like to get). I know it's on a Tuesday, but you know what they say: when opportunity knocks, you listen! And an opportunity to have fun and hear some great music is knocking on a Tuesday! So ya better listen! 

It'll be cool.

Facebook event here:

Also, if you missed my show at Silvana, you can watch the video of it here:

Album stuff is going well, I'm hoping we can get everything done by June, but it may be ready early July. It's starting to sound really good! Of course I'll keep giving updates as they come!

Yeah music!