Brooklyn Artistry Interview

Hey pals,

I was recently featured on Brooklyn Artistry and had a little chat with them. Check out the interview by clicking the photo below!

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So that's pretty cool! Life has been ridiculously busy, but most important thing:

The album is finished!! We are on the last step (mastering) and then it's off to the printers!

We recorded and mixed every song, and I gotta say, it sounds awesome. Each song sounds just how I imagined it, if not better. I'm so glad I'll have these recordings to represent myself and my work, since they really do it justice! I've said this before, but I can't wait for everyone to hear it!

So last week's final push was stressful, but it's done! Huzzah!!

Gordon and I had two gigs over the holiday weekend, both private parties over an hour away, but they were super fun! And we have a new addition to our kids/ family o instruments!

Box o instruments!!!

Box o instruments!!!

We had about 6 new drummers in our band on Sunday, which is totally cool with me! I think it's a good way to include kids in the music and let them participate! 

After all the recording, mixing, traveling, and gigs, we took a much-needed vacation in The Hamptons. So incredibly beautiful and relaxing. Now it's back to reality, but reality is fun!

Don't forget about the album release party on July 30th in NYC! Link to Facebook event here!

Exciting things happening! Good things comin' up! Prep those ears cause this album is coming at you SO SOON!!

Peace puppies,