Sweet & Sour (and a Lovecraft show)!

Hello friends!

I realized I haven't updated my website since the album came out...two months ago!! Well surprise!! Sweet & Sour is officially out!

So pretty, right?

So pretty, right?

The songs are available for download right here on my website and the album is also on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, Tidal, and Spotify (along with some lesser-known music distributors)!

The best way to support me is to buy directly from my website! You can also purchase the physical album and have it mailed to you!

If you're a kickstarter backer, do not fear, I didn't forget about you! I just needed a bit of extra time to get everyone's rewards together, write the thank you notes, acquire the shipping supplies, and package everything up with love!! If you gave me your address on kickstarter, your album is most likely in the mail as we speak! As I....type.

I'm playing a show with other artists this Friday, Sept 23rd at Lovecraft NYC. I'm most likely going on at 9pm and tickets are a $5 donation that goes toward ending homelessness in NYC. Come hear some awesome music for an awesome cause.

Here is the facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/301217190238959/

See you there!


XOXO Gossip Jill