We're Back Baby!

We are BACK in Southern California!! Well, I'm back. Gordon has never lived here before, so he's a new addition to California soil! After a ton of packing, driving a Uhaul across the country, finding a new apartment wayy faster than we thought, and the craziness of the holidays, we are finally getting back into the groove of things. It has been a very wild past few months, but it's all starting to settle down. And I am so happy and grateful to be home. New York City is fun until it's not! But California is magic.

Gordon has a new engineering job and I'm looking to re-build my networks for babysitting and music. We've got some big changes coming and some exciting projects in the works!

If you're searching for a (musical) babysitter or some live music for an event, now is your gleaming window of opportunity! Shoot me an email at jillsargeantmusic@gmail.com

Here's a pic of the sunset in our new home, Long Beach:

Happy New Year! More from us soon :)

XOXO CaliJill