Living Room Show and california!

Hello my buddies! I've got some news for you!

1) Gordon and I are moving to California next month (mid-November)!!

We've been talking about this move for about a year and it's finally happening! Although I'll miss some things about New York and have really appreciated all the amazing experiences I've had here, I'm ready to live on the best coast, near my family again :)

2) We are having a show this Friday! In our living room! A quaint cozy night of wine and music. Stop by if you can! But space is limited, so RSVP here!

Maria Caputo will be our guest musician (and we may have another surprise or two). This is possibly our last gig in the city, so we hope to see you there! Here is the facebook event for more info!

What else is new? Gordon and I go by Raspberry Roadshow now (...whenever we remember to) and we've been pretty busy! We played a kids party last weekend and had an awesome time:

Some serious shenanigans  

We also went to Michigan and Kentucky last month, which I thoroughly enjoyed! We played at Blue Tractor BBQ and Gordon basically had a mini-family-reunion with all his Michigan relatives!

We saw Regina Spektor at Town Hall this week, which was a total dream.

Other than all that, we have been doing all the autumn things and trying to soak up as many New York experiences as we can before we leave!! This hasn't left us much time to record videos (plus there has been a whole lot of construction noise/ light blockage in our apt these past few months...don't even get me started) but we plan to have more up soon! And if you haven't seen our latest uploads, check em out!

That's all for now! Keep it real my babies and don't forget to GET SPOOKY THIS MONTH!!


<3 Jill