Two New Videos Up!

Guess what! I did something! I powered through this crippling cold to actually create something! It's a miracle! My dear friend Gordon Grajek and I recorded Stormy Weather, because it's terrible outside and we've all forgotten what warmth feels like.

We also covered that 90s favorite, "Dreams" by the Cranberries. Because who DOESN'T have this song playing in their heads every time they walk through the streets of New York City?!?!

Right?!?! That's not just me, is it? it?

Alright. Well here it is, my puppies-in-bandanas. 

It's kind of gross how cute we are, huh? But in a fun way. Right?

We are trying to make at least a video a week because word on the street is that the Internet is important and can make a Justin Bieber out of a scrawny kid with a lady voice. So here's hoping I go viral and the Internet makes a Bieber out of THIS scrawny kid with a lady voice!!!

I will post more updates as they come (I know the fans check this blog on the regular. Dad. I think you stopped reading my blog. Come on.) And I'll be back on my busking feet in no time, so look for me in NYC subway tunnels soon. And give me money if you see me. But dollars, not coins. Ok. I'm glad we had this talk.

Smell ya later,