Notice anything different about me?

I've been revamping the website! I added my SoundCloud under the "listen" tab (now it actually makes sense! Before it was just videos) and have been playing with new fonts and colors! I'm slowly adding more photos from my shoot with Sargeant Creative

I absolutely love all the photos they took! Check out the new shots in my Gallery! And definitely scroll through some of their wedding shoots on their website. Multiple friends have told me they check the site regularly, just because their photos are "so pretty!"

Couldn't have said it better myself. 

I'll be adding more songs onto SoundCloud as I record them, but as of right now, I have three originals up there, and tons of live/ studio covers.

Tickets to my gig on August 15! It's $10 at the door but only $5 online in advance!

Buy them here:

Another Sarah Lawrence student will be playing that night! Rowan goes on at 7 and I go on at 8. So really, what's stopping you?!?!

I got a new app called FontCandy and it's a little too much fun. I can't stop making funky posters like this!

PS if you buy a ticket to my show, email a screenshot of your receipt and you'll get my full length album (once it's ready at the end of summer) for FREE. Yes, free. 

Alright my puppies, goodnight and good luck!!