I'm On a Podcast! And some Kickstarter Updates.

Hello pals,

I'm on a podcast! I virtually sat down with podcaster Jim Boy Star and talked about my Kickstarter, finding a studio, and sweet, sweet revenge.

Here is the interview! Give it a listen!

In other news, my Kickstarter is more than halfway through and I am ALMOST at that glorious halfway point. As I post this, I need about 30 dollars. Anyone? ...Bueller? 

Fingers crossed we hit that goal by Easter (when the campaign ends)!

I've had some exciting gigs lately. Some kids parties, and I played at Pianos, Caffe Vivaldi, and Lovecraft. Cool stuff! My friends get all the bonus points for coming out and supporting me throughout gig-madness these past few months. I won't have another show until May probably, so I can really buckle down and focus on all the work for the album.

Here is my latest video...I'm talking!

Wild, right?

I'm a fan of this one too:

That's all for now, folks! Please please please check out that Kickstarter! Every dollar will make the music *that* much more beautiful! And tell your friends! Be annoying! It works for me! Just kidding, sort of?

Love ya, miss ya, see ya soon.

xoxo Jill

Farmer's Market Fun!

Hello friends!

So I've been in touch with the people who run the Greenmarkets in NYC and they set me up with some gigs at the farmers markets in Queens! This past Sunday, I played at the Jackson Heights farmers market and it was SO much fun!

Farmer's markets are awesome because...

-lots of families and kids.

-people at the market are ready and willing to support local food producers, and a local artist isn't too far from that idea!

-everyone has cash.

-lots of humans, no one is in a hurry, people can mosey and watch and listen.

So I like the farmer's market. It was slightly tough competing with the noise of traffic and airplanes flying into LaGuardia nearby, combined with barking dogs and shouting children, but that's all part of the game, you know? It's fun changing up my repertoire based on the surroundings. And the people who really wanted to listen would come closer.

I did make a nice chunk of change in one hour. Probably four hours worth of work at another job. And that is awesome, I can't pretend like it's not incredibly cool to make money doing what I love. Not to mention MORE money than I make doing side jobs. But I've always thought that when someone puts a dollar into my case while I'm singing, it's more than just a dollar. It's like a little thank you note that says "Keep going! I like your music!" which means so much more than your average old dollar. And yes, a five dollar bill is a nice thing, but to see one in my case is like seeing a note that says "I think you're REALLY GREAT!!"

Just doing' my thing.

I also met a very confident young girl (I would guess 9 or 10?) named Penny, who repeatedly said to me, "You have a very beautiful voice ma'am."

Her little sister did a very cute hula dance while I sang. Penny knows a lot about artisan cheese, and was quite the little saleslady. Hey, it worked, I bought some medium-firm goat cheese!

I met a lot of awesome people and cute kids, and got to do what I love on a beautiful Sunday! I think it was the most fun I've ever had busking! So I will definitely be back at these farmer's markets, hopefully every weekend. I will broadcast it all over social media in case you live in Queens or want to come to Queens some weekend for live music and fresh veggies ;)

So many love notes!!

Alright, my babies, catch you on the flip side. Make sure to like my artist page on Facebook to stay in the loop with everything! https://www.facebook.com/jillsargeantmusic


Notice anything different about me?

I've been revamping the website! I added my SoundCloud under the "listen" tab (now it actually makes sense! Before it was just videos) and have been playing with new fonts and colors! I'm slowly adding more photos from my shoot with Sargeant Creative

I absolutely love all the photos they took! Check out the new shots in my Gallery! And definitely scroll through some of their wedding shoots on their website. Multiple friends have told me they check the site regularly, just because their photos are "so pretty!"

Couldn't have said it better myself. 

I'll be adding more songs onto SoundCloud as I record them, but as of right now, I have three originals up there, and tons of live/ studio covers.

Tickets to my gig on August 15! It's $10 at the door but only $5 online in advance!

Buy them here:


Another Sarah Lawrence student will be playing that night! Rowan goes on at 7 and I go on at 8. So really, what's stopping you?!?!

I got a new app called FontCandy and it's a little too much fun. I can't stop making funky posters like this!

PS if you buy a ticket to my show, email jillsargeantmusic@gmail.com a screenshot of your receipt and you'll get my full length album (once it's ready at the end of summer) for FREE. Yes, free. 

Alright my puppies, goodnight and good luck!!


Talent Tuesday (It's friday)

I was featured on a blog! And now I'm sharing it on MY blog! Who wants to blog about this blog post about a blog so people on tumblr can reblog it?! Anyone?

Here is the link: CLICK ME!!!! <3

And this is the song I have on my profile on "Down to Jam" (the site that featured me) so take a lil listen. This is a cover!

(I still have not heard about Music Under New York so don't even go there)